Kirstyn and Tom’s Wedding Cake

Carrot Cake is a big part of both Kirstyn and Tom’s life, so it was appropriate that they requested a multi-tiered carrot cake for their wedding.
Dyllan created this naked carrot and walnut layer cake with cream cheese buttercream icing. Dyllan worked with Kirstyn to design and decorate a unique cake suited to their wedding theme and preferences.

Peta’s Twenty-first!

Twenty-One cakes for Peta’s Birthday Party Picnic in New Farm Park, Brisbane. Two large cakes, one chocolate mudcake with fondant icing and delicate flowers, the other a pink vanilla layer cake topped with coconut and roses… plus assorted cupcakes!

Sam & Adrian’s Engagement

Caramel mudcake layered with chocolate ganache and a locket of hearts in the centre. Over 100 cupcakes surrounding the cake in three different flavours; chocolate, vanilla and caramel mudcake. Dyllan used seasonal poppy’s and handmade decorations to finish the design.

Happy Mothers Day

Mum’s favourite; a vanilla layer cake with white chocolate and mixed berry mouse between each layer. decorated finely with an floral arrangement. Happy Mothers Day Mum!